Antique drawer pulls are an outstanding way to pay tribute to past times, and they can considerably multiply the cultivated beauty for any space. They are a great deal more popular than many people always think. These tiny little additions are what can make a good piece of furniture exhibit tremendously elegant look, and are definitely worth a search if you want your home to possess a more unique, ancient feel. The most prevailing application of these pulls is on furniture, but a certain cliche of individuals also choose a superannuated style for their kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Antique kitchen hardware is also easy to find in many cases because it was treasured by those who owned it and salvaged during either a move or kitchen renovation.

These antique drawer pulls are a small unique touch, making it able for you to advance anything in your home that you feel too modern or plain in contrary to your tastes. These marvelous items are available in all manner of styles and sizes, containing a collection from a variety of different historical eras. You can find pulls, hinges, knobs, and plenty of other items in antique selections that will distinguish your furniture from the rest. Even if you require an ultramodern wall cabinet, bookshelf or cupboard that needs a little dressing up, something as simple as some uncommon handles and knobs from centuries could make such a huge distinction. Take your time to search for actual antiques and find styles that will win your admiration, but also let your budget restrict you.

These small pieces of hardware might not seem like they are too costly, but the truth is that they are actually expensive in some cases. You should comprehensively research on all of the options that you have, check for the genuineness, and make sure that you find a style that suits your design tastes or the look and interior feel of your home. Visiting the antique stores to see what you can find is a great place to start with. If your time is however limited and you effortlessly want greater looks for your home, consider shopping online with antique sellers to see what kind of antiques you can find.

Whatever the reason for selecting antique drawer pulls, there are a number of things that must be put into close consideration prior to making a decision. You are required to be careful, though, because many companies are currently constructing reproductions and hardware parts that are not genuinely ancient at all. If you are determined to land on a real deal, then you will have to go out and find it and you must be prepared and willing to part with a substantial amount of money.

It is meaningful to realize that there are many different periods that are considered antique, and even within this wide range of styles there will still be numerous decisions to make. Majority of antique pulls are designed from metals although glass is also currently making its entry into the antique drawer sector. Metal is still the predominant material. However, the metal that was originally used to manufacture antique drawer pulls may be different from the one that is used today. Here are some other things that will be very useful to understand the process of shopping for antique pulls.

Antique drawer pullsStyle

You might be concerned that the style of the antique drawer pulls of your choice has already been selected. However you should keep in mind that antique covers many dissimilar styles over many centuries. Some of the drawer pulls are very fancily decorated, while others are far much plain. Most individuals select antique because they like the ornate designs that were exhibited by many ancient drawers, but some also fancy the simpler old days. It all just depends on what kind of design and style is present in your home. It also counts on whether you are buying the pulls for a piece of furniture that is absolutely antique and requires new hardware.


This is a factor which is a little bit more overwhelming for antique drawer hardware than it is for modern hardware. This is as a result of most of the pieces being metallic and the authentic ancient pieces may not have been made of the same types of metals used today. It is upon you to figure out how genuine you want the pieces to be. Cast iron which is sometimes used to make truly antique pieces is not in much use today. Cast iron components are always much more expensive. However, it may be worth for you to pay extra money for such a piece because it will absolutely complete the antique look you are trying to accomplish.

Other Factors to Consider

There are also some other key considerations to make when choosing antique drawer pulls, irrespective of whether they are antique or not. Remembering to take into account the sizes of the hardware and the size of the drawer is one perfect example. This is especially useful because the more decorating patterns a drawer have the more space it takes. It may be advisable to find hardware that comes in several different sizes. Matching the size of the drawer with the size of the hardware in a proportional way will be much easier this way.

You should also keep it in mind that, in addition to proportions there are some antique pulls that look very dainty and small. Smaller drawers may not look great on very large drawers. The hardware size should make it look like it originally belongs to the drawer. It is also recommended that you measure the size of the drawer’s face and the drawer pull before making a decision. Also remember to factor in the size of the base pieces of the hardware because that is what can absolutely make the hardware mesh well with the drawer.

It is always the simple little things that seem to have the biggest impact towards interior decoration of your home. Investing in a small component to compliment a larger piece of furniture or kitchen hardware can make a commendable difference in matters relating to the appearance of your kitchen, specific furniture item, or any other room in the house where hardware is used. With something out there for just about anyone, you should have no difficulties finding the styles that suit your taste.